Runtime Error SET_HANDLER_FOR_NULL In Transaction FBL3H

Runtime Error SET_HANDLER_FOR_NULL In Transaction FBL3H


When you run transaction FBL3H via Publisher/Rainbow, runtime error SET_HANDLER_FOR_NULL occurs in method CL_SALV_TREE_ADAPTER=>CREATE_TREE.


By default, transaction FBL3H displays an ALV tree of History.
Submit of transaction with ALV tree enabled may lead to runtime error.


The ALV history must be disabled:
1. Please review note 2711621 - "FI Line Item Browsers: Enhancement of Call via SUBMIT" and implement if it is relevant.
The note should add an hidden parameter to the selection screen: P_DSPOVR which displays the ALV list.
2. In the saved report variant of FBL3H (used in Rainbow/Publisher), set the parameter SCRNAME with "save field without values".

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