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Exception CNTL_ERROR (Control Framework: Fatal error - GUI cannot be reached)


A background job of Publisher terminates with runtime error due to uncaught exception CNTL_ERROR (Error message "Control Framework: Fatal error - GUI cannot be reached" is written in the job log).


The original report doesn't support execution in background.
Please execute directly the original report in background (not via Publisher) and verify it ends successfully.


In case the original report doesn't support execution in background, you should should fix the ABAP code of the report.
The most common solution for ALV reports is checking if GUI is available before the following actions:
  1. Creation of the container for the ALV control.
  2. Setting dropdown lists (method cl_gui_alv_grid->set_drop_down_table)
  3. Registering edit event (method cl_gui_alv_grid->register_edit_event)
You should use method cl_gui_alv_grid=>offline to check if GUI is available.
  1. IF cl_gui_alv_grid=>offline( ) IS INITIAL.
  2.     CREATE OBJECT lo_container
  3.       EXPORTING
  4.         container_name = 'MY_CONTAINER'.
  5. ENDIF.
  6. CREATE OBJECT lo_alv_grid
  8.     i_parent = lo_container.

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