Dump (Runtime Error)

Dump (Runtime Error)

In case of dump (runtime error), please attach the complete dump to the ticket
  1. When a user receives a short dump at runtime mode, pay attention to the fact that the dump displayed is not complete. There are several Sections that are omitted. By checking the header of the dump (name, affected user, data and time), it is possible to find and see the whole dump in transaction ST22.


  1. Once you have found the short dump in ST22, open it.
  2. Then go to menu System -> List -> Save -> Local File. Or alternatively enter %pc to the OK Code field / Command field. (SAP Note 26171 - Possible entry values for command field ("OK-code"))

Important: as of the S/4 HANA release, the path has changed to System -> List -> Save -> Save.

  1. On the pop-up window, it is possible to choose several formats in which the dump will be saved. In order to save it in text format, choose option unconverted.

  1. On the new pop-up screen, inform the Directory where the dump will be saved and its file name. Then press Enter.

  1. After that, the dump will be saved in text format.


     NOTE: Option Local File might be disabled in the menu. In this case, it is necessary to add authorization S_GUI to the user that is trying to export the short dump: